2 July 2020

COVID-19 mutual aid post

Our Head of Compliance, Brendon Hogan describes his experience of being a buddy.
“Being a buddy has meant I say hello to neighbours I’ve never met before.  It’s meant they are now aware of me and my beautiful family.  It’s meant I have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction in being of practical use to what were strangers.
Shopping. I hate shopping.  I hate shopping 3 times a day across several outlets.  I love meeting both staff and customers all under the same stresses, fears and anxieties as me and all bearing them with quiet strength of character, looking for opportunities to undertake small acts of kindness and learning to accept both help and thanks.
It continues to be a heartwarming experience to see various perceived vulnerable people quietly identified as such and discreet messages travelling towards Buddy HQ and being intercepted en route by willing people ready to increase their workload and add those individuals to their awareness rounds.
I’ve seen the elderly, out for perhaps no good reason, finding themselves breathless and disoriented, cared for by shop staff and Selsey neighbours alike.  People putting themselves at risk to take these people back to their homes and ensure they are looked after.
I’ve witnessed the careful caring watchfulness on the part of teaching professionals identify those families who don’t tick all the boxes to receive state help, call out for help and be supported / supplied of their needs anonymously and free of charge.
My faith in the warmth and neighbourly love of the great majority of human kind has been restored.
I hope I can continue to enjoy this privilege of supporting our neighbours.  It’s done / doing me more good than I am doing them.”