Our expert trace team specialise in tracing, screening, and cleansing data whilst ensuring data security and enhanced management.

Mortality Screening

Target checks against Government death records to detect if any of your members are deceased, returning death-data information as applicable.
Mortality Screening can return multiple matches of possible deaths depending on the quality of the input data. We investigate all results manually and return confirmed graded results to our clients.

Our internal matching will return confirmed ‘High’ matches (which we recommend is your member) or a ‘Needs Verification’ (NV) match which we believe is your member but, due to anomalies, should be subject to further checks. We can also obtain Death Certificates should you require them.

The cost of Mortality Screening is dependent on the volume of records and the frequency of the screening required.

Death Certificates

We are able to obtain UK Death Certificates. On some occasions we will need to do further investigation to establish where and when a person has died so we know which registrar we need to approach to obtain the document.


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