Our expert trace team specialise in tracing, screening, and cleansing data whilst ensuring data security and enhanced management.

Automated Batch Trace

Suitable for large volumes of address tracing, this process uses Credit Reference Agency (CRA) data to find the current address of known gone away members by tracking their financial activity to a current address.

After processing the ‘Name’, ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Address’ data you provide through our Mini-Trace engine, we grade results according to the volume and type of activity we see and the uniqueness of the member’s name and date of birth combination. We return ‘High-Grade’ addresses that we recommend for immediate update and Linked Addresses for which we recommend further investigation.

In respect of the latter category, we offer an ‘Identify & Verify’ (ID&V) service.

We work with all three of the CRA’s, developing and monitoring bespoke data solutions to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Full Trace

Where Mini-Trace is unsuccessful in confirming an address or where there is no response to letters from the ID&V process, Target offers a manual ‘Full Trace’ service.

Our expert trace investigators will analyse multiple (30 plus) datasets available to them to seek confirmation of the whereabouts of your member.

Financial data from the 3 major CRA’s is pivotal to a confirmed trace through this service.

Inclusive within the Full Trace service and where there is insufficient data to confirm a member’s address, we will send enquiry letters to an address where we believe the member to be or make telephone calls, where a telephone number is available. All successful traces are guaranteed and our clients only pay for successful traces.

We also offer a Full Trace service for members who are living overseas.

Next of Kin/Beneficiary Trace

Our Next of Kin or Beneficiary trace involves detailed searches by a dedicated experienced trace investigator who will build a virtual family tree to help you identify potential beneficiaries and next of kin. Any identified individuals are contacted by phone or letter to verify their details and relationship to the member.

Identification & Verification

ID&V is deployed where new Linked Addresses are returned from the Mini-Trace solution.

Target send client-approved letters to identified addresses requesting the addressee to make contact. Through client-approved security questions we verify with certainty that we have found the correct member and return confirmed results to you.

On contact we will ask the member to confirm:

  • part of their date of birth and part of their national insurance number
  • their original address and their traced address.

We can also ask members’ to supply information such as photo ID or document evidence that they are at an address, e.g. a recent utility bill. With the members consent we are able to capture telephone numbers and email addresses which will allow you other consented means of contacting your members in the future. ID&V is a flexible service.

We send letters out on Target, client, or dual-branded letterhead and amend letter wording to suit your needs. We offer competitive prices for this service based on your verification requirements.

Spouse Append

We offer an automated service to identify any spouse residing at the same address as a member. To obtain accurate results from this service it is essential to have up-to-date address details for your members.

The Target Spouse Trace service is based on a combination of over 20 different databases where a name against an address can be matched. Once run against each dataset the results are collated to provide who is living at the address provided and often identifies a marriage name change.

No automated trace service can be 100% guaranteed and to improve the quality Target manually check the results to differentiate for example if a Father & Daughter or Mother & Son are living at the address. We will manually investigate any result where output shows a variation between the member and the identified spouse date of birth of 15 years or more. We are the only Tracing company that do this but this step is important to ensure that we have correctly confirmed the spouse and not another member of the family.


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