3 April 2019

Target in the community – Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group

Giving back to the community is a major part of Target’s culture. We offer all of our team two days to volunteer in the local community, to offer help and support a number of important projects. Last week Lynsey & Denise offered a helping hand to the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG). In 2016 MWHG received a grant of £545,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands project.  This project will be working to improve and enhance wetland habitat across the Manhood Peninsula over the next four years.

Lynsey documented their busy day – “We arrived at West Itchenor Pond were met by Chris and a few other willing helpers. Chris gave us a tour of the wetlands and pointed out trees, bushes and various bird songs. Our jobs for the day were to dig holes and plant Primrose, dig and pull out Hemlock and also to turn soil, rake it and sew wildflower seeds.”

“We ventured into the boggy mud to pull Hemlock and Denise got her boot stuck! She had to pull her foot out and balance in the mud to pull it free!

The sun was shining for us and the morning flew by. We stopped for a cup of tea and slice of cake and watched some ducks swim on the pond.

We asked about future events at the pond as we would like to go back to check on our flowering Primrose and Wildflowers.”

“What a beautiful day at a beautiful location spent with helpful, happy people! Thanks all.”