27 September 2019

A Long Walk Around Britain

Target would like to share a great story about a very determined young man, Barney Lee.

Brendon Hogan , Target’s Head of Compliance, stumbled across a Facebook post about a man called Barney walking around the coast of Great Britain to raise awareness for an invisible condition called HNPP.

Brendon writes:

“I’d never heard of HNPP”

“Barney is always looking for overnight accommodation on his journey to take a break from tenting. This resonated with me because of my previous treks and expeditions and my experience of the kindness of strangers.”

“As a family we were delighted to pick him up after his days walk from Bognor to Earnley (Bracklesham), and put him up for the night returning him the following day to Earnley, this time with a packed lunch, having fed and watered him.”

“We were able to carry out repairs and replacements to his 750-mile worn kit – new gloves – some replacement padding to his rucksack straps etc. and get his laundry done. He is a lovely guy and he’s only got another 4000 plus miles to go!”

“once you google HNPP you may agree with me that the huge trek is perhaps one of the smaller of Barney’s achievements”

You can visit Barney’s Facebook page My Long Walk Around Britain or his Website https://barneylee.co.uk/

Please share this with anyone you know, who may be willing to provide Barney with a place to stay as he heads clockwise around the coast of the UK.