5 September 2016

Back to School

At Target we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We were invited for the 2nd year in a row to visit Chichester Free School in order to present and talk to the pupils about internet safety and their online identity as they begin to explore aspects of social media and online gaming apps.

As one of the UK leading tracing companies, we know just how easy it is to find details about all aspects of an individual’s life.

The 11-14 year olds recognised just how dangerous this information could be if it got into the wrong hands. They gave suggestions about how to protect their personal details, from setting their accounts to private and only interacting with people they knew in person, to not filling out the ‘About Me’ pages and not using their real names as characters in the games they play.

One of the students said:

“I liked the presentations and videos today, it made me realise how easy people can get information on the computer about me and my family. I will definitely be more careful and think twice about what I post on the internet.” – Year 7 student

Target are looking forward to going back within the next few months to talk to the younger students about the games they play and how they communicate with other users.