22 August 2018

Announcement of Appointment

The board of directors of Target Professional Services are delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Watkins as a non-executive Director with immediate effect.

Michael has a breadth of experience within the pension industry and is currently Head of Proposition Development at Smart Pension, Chair of the PASA (Pension Administration Standards Association) DC Governance Working Group, and the Founder and Chair of the NextGen Committee, which aims to promote and encourage next generation voices and thinking within the pension industry.

Commenting on the announcement, Lisa Lyon, Managing Director of Target, said:

“This was an easy appointment to make; Michael is a technically-minded innovator who brings a wealth of experience to the team and a shared vision to modernise the pension industry.”

Michael’s ambition to revolutionise the way the pension industry approaches policy, products and people, is closely aligned with that of Target. This is a very exciting time for the organisation, which is on the cusp of launching mypensionID, a web-based application that is due for release in October 2018. The application has been designed to drastically improve data collection for schemes, using biometrics to verify a member it promises to eliminate fraud, reduce tracing costs, and enable international screening. It will also empower members to control their data, providing a single interface for them to update their details across multiple providers.

Of his appointment, Michael said: “I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with Target. It’s well publicised that the average person has 9 jobs in their working life. Updating pension providers with new address details can be a cumbersome process, or one that is treated as low priority, and often leads to individuals losing track of their benefits. This then becomes a costly exercise for the schemes whose responsibility it is to track them down. Enabling the member to keep their details up-to-date in a single place, with this information being relayed onto each of those schemes, is an incredibly powerful tool, and mypensionID will allow people to do just that.” If you are interested in hearing more, please contact a member of our team on 01243 601333 or email [email protected].