12 November 2018

Target’s True Colours

Giles from The Colour Works facilitated an inspirational workshop where staff discovered if they were predominantly a Caring, sharing GREEN, a Sociable, Enthusiastic YELLOW, a Competitive, Determined RED or a Precise, Questioning BLUE.

The session was so positive that Target decided to hold further sessions with The Colour Works. Working with The Colour Works Team target created company values:


Passionate about our services, supporting the community and what we can achieve together


Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation to make a difference


Together we will be transparent taking responsibility for our actions ensuring honesty, quality and reliability


Respect for our people, our customers and community. We are all valued!

Continuous improvement is part of the culture at Target. The workshop allowed staff the time to reflect and be mindful of their own natural strengths and of those in their team. As a result we are aware of how to play to each individuals strengths to get the best results.

Thank you Giles!