5 March 2020

Boosting Students Career Ambitions

Target are passionate about inspiring and innovating others – and we did just that! Volunteering at The Academy Selsey yesterday to help broaden students horizons about career after school, this is what some of our team had to say about the experience:

Martine – “A very interesting experience which I am happy to be part of again.”


Tina – “I really enjoyed meeting the Pupils at the Selsey Academy, the whole experience was very  well run and the pupils seemed to get a lot form the experience.

The Year 8 students were in groups of 4-5 and had 5 minutes to ask us questions to determine what our job’s were, before moving on to the next person.  They were given a list of job titles and asked to match the person to the job.

At the end of the morning each Volunteer was then asked to stand up and announce what their job was and what they do. The team with the most correct answers were then given a prize.

Some of the questions that were asked were very well thought out and it was by no means an easy task for them. I would gladly give up my time again for this careers event.”


Our third team member added – “Credit to the Academy for offering this experience to the students. This kind of event would have been invaluable when I was at school (way back when).

The students had the opportunity to interact with adults that were not Teachers or Parents, and it was fascinating to see the mix of personalities and nerves as they did so.

It was interesting and enlightening to see the aspirations & goals of the future generations.

It would be good if more businesses could help with these kind of events in future to demonstrate the range and variety of work across all fields, to give the students some real world ideas.”